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Now, our ambition is not to give grammar but language skill and script. So, we are going to update this website on every fortnight. We request you all to give your powerful support to develop our language and people and you should show the power of Sourashtri.


On Going Classes

Sourashtri Classes Going on every Sunday at SPVM School behind Sourashtra Hr.Sec.School

Writing Format

How to Write our Script?
Script Writing Animation for your reference..

Purusha Sooktham

Purusha Sooktham

The Characteristics of Athma - in our Sourashtri Language by Sri Ramia Sarathy ji

Download Now
( R ) combined Words

( R ) combined Words

Ragara Halu & Ragara coin Letters jointly Occurs - PDF Format

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Numbers 1 to 100

Numbers 1 to 100

Numbers in Numeric and in Words

Lipi Practice Book One

Lipi Practice Book One

Writting of Lipi in 3 lines Format

Lipi Practice Book Two

Lipi Practice Book Two

Writing of Lipi in 3 Lines Format

Lipi Practice Book Three  - Part One

Lipi Practice Book Three - Part One

Two letters Words in 3 lines Format

Our Activities Now

Language Teaching First

Then, You get the 15 Techniques in the Sourashtri Language

The Language Learning by Parchaya 1 & Parichaya 2 & Thurni 1 & Thurni 2

The Techniques and The Language Literacy by BHAGAVATH GEETHA (1 – 18 lessions, seperately )

Pathanjali Yoga soothra ( 4 padhas, seperately )

Purusha Suktham

About Us

We are very happy to welcome you to "". We now pray Maha Guru Sarvagya, and his great blessings. To follow him, we develop an Organisation "Maha Guru Sarvagya Raja Yoga Kendra".


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